Chorus: A Musical Adventure Hit Target Just On Time

The crowdfunding campaign for Chorus: A Musical Adventure only had a few more days to go when it hit the 80% mark and it did not take long for it to get the $600,00 funding target that it needed.

As of now, the funding has already surpassed the target which means production for the game can begin now. Created by the writer of Dragon Age, David Gaider, the new Summerfall Studios released a video taking the fans for the support.

Now that it has hit the target, we will have to see if the fans hit any of the stretch goals before the campaign closes on the 10th of November. Reaching $650,000 will add romance options for Freddie and Pan characters. It was previously announced that the upcoming game will have romance options similar to what we have seen on the Dragon Age franchise.

No release date has been announced yet.

Author: Staff Reporter

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