Crash Bash To Finally Get Remaster?

With all the success Activision has been receiving with all their remasters, it made sense that the company would want to offer more remasters in the near future as they confirm that we can expect to see more this year.

While they did confirm that more remasters would be coming our way, they did not reveal what games the company plans to put out. Some fans were hoping that Crash Bash would be a part of it since the last Crash remaster was a huge hit.

Although remasters will play a bigger role for Activision this year, they are also not forgetting the new games from their popular franchises. It was added that we should not expect only pure remasters to come our way as they might still find places where they might add some new content to the game.

Other than talking about their remasters, Activision also confirm that there will be a new Call of Duty game this year.

Author: Staff Reporter

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