Deep Down Still Alive But Get Your Hopes Up!

The PS4 exclusive Deep Down was announced years ago in 2013 but since its announcement, things have been pretty quiet other than the trademark renewal leading fans to believe that the developer might have already canceled the game but have not made the announcement.

Well, according to Yoshinori Ono, the producer of the game, there is still hope that the game will be completed one day. He added that the team that was working on the game is no longer together now but they have kept the trademark alive pointing out that they have not given up on it yet but things are not looking too good.

The fact that they are only keeping it alive with the name suggests that it has been shove into a corner. There is alwatys hope that it might be picked up once more but thigns are not looking too promising at this point.

We have seen games come back after years of silence. Could this be one of them?

Author: Staff Reporter

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