Diablo 3: Season 19 Patch Will Be Massive

All Diablo fans are talking about now is Diablo IV but as exciting as that is, the game will not be arriving anytime soon so it might be better to just focus on Diablo 3 right now while we wait for the new game.

Blizzard will be launching a new season 19 for Diablo III which will give players a new way to play the game Here is what we know right now. Season 19 will come with the Pandemonium buff which will introduce us to a new mechanics that will focus on killstreaks and rewards for consecutive kills.

There will also be some new class sets for Crusader and Monk. For Crusader, there is the Aegis of Valor will bring Heaven’s Fury. As for the Monk set, players will get the Patterns of Justice which will work better with the Temple Rusk skill.

The latest patch will also fix some of the bugs and make some changes to the game. The patch will be release on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Author: Staff Reporter

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