Escape From Tarkov Microtransaction Possible?

Escape From Tarkov has been in closed beta for some time now and it has now been getting a little attention from the public which means more questions about the game have been popping up.

One question that fans seem to have of the game is whether or not it will actually come with microtransactions when it officially arrives? Well, according to Nikita Buyanov, the project lead, the game will be a full purchase game which means no microtransactions and other trappings.

Fans can actually pre-order the game now. There are a few options available starting from the Standard Edition which will give them access to the closed beta and a few items. This will cost $44.99. The other editions which come with bigger price tags will come with more items and bigger stash.

To play it now, you will need to download the Battlestate Games Launcher. As for whether it will be released on Steam when it goes live, we will have to wait and see.

Author: Staff Reporter

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