Fortnite Major Change To Competitive Mode Not Sitting Well With Fans

Most people do enjoy a game of Fortnite here and there but there are others that focus more on the competitive side of the game and to make sure the game is fair to all, Epic has announced that they will be taking action against the cheaters that signals other players while in an official tournament.

Epic added that they discovered that some players are sending and receiving signals during a tournament like swinging their ax, perform an emote, toss toys and more to warn the other players.

Right now, players that are caught signaling will get a penalty. If they continue to break the rules, more penalties will be drop. Epic is also reminding players that they can report players that they find suspicious through the in-game tool or reaching out to Epic through their player support team.

While this all sounds good, some fans seem to think that the new system could create more issues as something as simple as jumping could be viewed as signaling and the player would get penalized for no reason.

Whay do you think?

Author: Staff Reporter

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