Next God Of War Release: Not PS4 Handicapped

The next God of War release is going to be available both on the PS4 and PS5 and with it fans can’t wait to see the sequel to this extremely popular game.

However it seems that we may need to wait just a little longer as the studio behind the GOW game has just announced that they plan on pushing the release date to sometime in 2022. This of course comes as no surprise with the COVID pandemic and also the recent surge in new games being released with buggy interface and gameplay.

With that said, we welcome the extra time the studio feels they need to release the next version of God Of War and hopefully it will be a stable release that won’t require many patches subsequently. Apart from the delay in release date that was expected, another concern among the gaming community was whether the backwards support for PS4 would end up hindering the developer’s vision for the game and utilizing the full capabilities of the PS5.

It should be noted however that back during the original God Of War release, the PS3 was already readily available however the game was released on the PS2 only. And what a game it was! So there shouldn’t be too much concern of Santa Monica Studios having trouble with making the God of War sequel just as entertaining for their diehard fans.

No specific release date is provided however with 2022 only 6 months away we should receive another update soon.

Author: Staff Reporter

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