Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks Looks All Crocodile Dundee

The latest leaked images from what is supposedly the Grand Theft Auto 6 development cycle appears to show what looks like the Grand Theft Auto 6 world map.

What in particular that is most interesting about this leaked image is the vast size of the swampland, something that appears to envelope most of the map. While we understand that from a developer’s perspective it would no doubt be quicker to develop huge swampland versus city grids and skyscrapers, it is possible that GTA 6 may take on a different story line than its predecessors.

With a huge swampland and rural area, we may see the game go back to its routes when we were first introduced to CJ. The game had the main character driving outside the city limits to complete most missions and we wouldn’t mind a game with a more Crocodile Dundee theme. Of course, we still want the guns and ammo, not saying to swap them for knifes of all sizes.

The last rumors on Grand Theft Auto 6 put the release date in the region of late 2022 to early 2023. So it would be no surprise if this leaked GTA 6 map is in fact legit. Only time will tell of course but if it is, we are no doubt excited about this leak. Check out the image below.

Author: Staff Reporter

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