IIHS Claims SUVs Puts Pedestrians In More Danger

IIHS seems to have come to the conclusion that SUVs would put pedestrians in more danger than passenger cars.

According to Sam Monfort, the lead author of a study by IIHS, SUV “seem to be more deadly to pedestrians than cars are,”. It was further explained that the grille of the vehicle would strike the pelvis and chest of the pedestrian transferring more energy to the body.

It was also added that more research will need to be done to see if the findings do hold up in a larger study.

In another study, it was also discovered that SUVs would cause more injuries than cars in impacts at the speed greater than 19miles per hour with higher fatalities percentage. With the demand for SUV continue to rise, we can see why that is something that people should be worried about.

Author: Staff Reporter

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