League Of Legend Dev Takes On The Card-Game Genre

The developer behind the popular game League of Legend, Riot Games has now announced their next game. Called Legends of Runeterra, the game will arrive as a free-to-play strategy card game that will share the same universe as League of Legends.

Similar to Hearthstone, we will be seeing the characters from the main League of Legends make it over to the card game each with their own advantages to offer.

To obtain the cards, players can either put in the hours or buy the cards using real-world money. Players will also be able to unlock the Vault which is leveled up when you play and also upgrade the chest inside. The higher the level, the more cards you will get.

Riot Games added that they are committed to ensuring that the game will have a lot of new content and gameplay. Legends of Runeterra are set to arrive next year for PC but those that actually pre-register for the game will be able to play the game now until the 21st of October.

Author: Staff Reporter

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