New PS5 Controller Comes With Mystery Button

We know more about the new PS5 controller than we did last week but there is still a lot that Sony is not telling us yet like the new button that we see in the image.

It was announced that the new controller will no longer come with a Share button but instead, we will be seeing a Create button that Sony said will change the way players create gameplay content to share with the world.

They did not elaborate on how the new Create button will change the way we share and how it worlds but they did say that we will be learning more about it as we get closer to the launch of the console which will be the end of 2020.

We were also happy to learn that the new controller will now come with a built-in mic which means we don’t need to add on a mic anymore. That is something the fans have been asking for and it is nice to see that Sony got the message.

Author: Staff Reporter

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