Overwatch New Skin Arrives For A Limited Time

A new legendary skin has been added to the Overwatch game. The new Doomfist skin is called Thunder and was released in order of Jay “Sinatraa” Won winning the Overwatch League Season 2 MVP.

The new Thunder skin will be available for purchase for a Limited Time only. It will arrive on the 26th of March and will be in the game until the 9th of April. Doomfist was chosen as it was a hero that Sinatraa constantly use in the league.

Overwatch players are also looking forward to trying out the new hero, Echo which was announced not too long ago. Echo will be the last new hero that Overwatch will be getting until Overwatch 2 arrive. Blizzard promised that when Overwatch 2 arrives, all-new heroes that will be in the new game will also be brought over to Overwatch.

PC players can test Echo out now on the games’ Public Test Realm.

Author: Staff Reporter

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