Pokemon Go April Events Announced

Players might not be able to go out and play Pokemon Go right now but Niantics have already made all the necessary changes to the game to ensure that their fans will be able to continue to play the game even when they are stuck at home.

Some of the changes include offering 1 Pokecoin bundle and increasing the radius of Gyms. With all these changes, Niantic felt like they have done enough to continue with events and they have now announced what fans can look forward to this month.

For starters, the Team Rocket Special Research story quest, The Shadowy Threat Grows will be extended. There will also be a new batch of Field Research tasks in April with new Research Breakthrough rewards.

Finally, players will also get to take part in the Pokemon Spotlight and Mystery Bonus Hour event happening this April. This month, we will also be seeing Landorus in Raid Battles.

Author: Staff Reporter

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