Pokemon Go New Features Will Be Very Welcome

The Pokemon Go app will be getting a new feature that fans will be happy to get.

Called Today View, the new features will make much easier for players to track their daily streaks and all the ongoing events that are going on in the game that day.

Niantics have continued to update the game to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that their players will have to stay put now. They have already canceled a few events to discourage their players from wondering about and now they have added these new features to the game.

The tab can be found on the same menu as the Field Research and Special Research task. This feature will show the ongoing and upcoming in-game events along with personal stats like daily streaks and the Pokemons that players have in Gyms.

No word on when we will actually be seeing it in the game but it should be very soon now that it has been announced.

Author: Staff Reporter

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