Pokemon Go Raid Hour Events Set For A Whole Month

The Legendary Raid Hour is back once more which means Pokemon Go gans can now nab themselves some Legendary Pokemons every Wednesday for the full month of October.

The theme for this month’s Legendary Raid Hour will be “Spooky”. For the first three Wednesday, we will be seeing the Altered Forme Giratina in Riads but it was added that the 23rd and 30th will feature a different Legendary Pokemon although they have not announced what Pokemon it will be yet.

Legendary Raid Hour will last for an hour and will start from 6 pm local time and end at 7 pm.

This month, Pokemon Go fans can also look forward to getting their hands on a Shiny Trapinch as that Pokemon will be featured in October’s Community Day event. Evolve it to Flygon and it will learn a special event-exclusive move.

Author: Staff Reporter

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