Pokemon Sword & Shield Eevee Evolution Guide

While some of the Pokemons will not make it into the new Pokemon Sword & Shield game, the Eevee Evolutions will but there will be a few news ways that trainers can use to evolve them.

In the last games, Glaceon and Leafeon can only be obtained when you level up your Eevee and go to a specific location. With the new Sword and Shield game, you can do it by using elemental stones which makes it much easier.

Besides using the Ice Stone and Leaf Stone to evolve to Glaceon and Leafeon, you will need to interact with Eevee more often while camping to get it to evolve into Sylveon. Espeon and Umbreon evolution will still be the same where you Level them up during night or day. Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Falreon will require specific stones.

Depending on the weather of the game, you might also be able to encounter these evolved forms of Eevee out in the wild.

Author: Staff Reporter

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