Pokemon Sword & Shield New Creature Looks Familiar

We are only a few months away from the release of the much anticipated Pokemon Sword and Shield game and the developer of the game is ready to drop some additional information about the game with the latest one being a new teaser image for a new Pokemon.

The teaser image on the website comes with a glitch and moves around the screen. You will need to catch it and if you do, you will be taken to a Pokedex listing for the monster. Here is what we know.

We know that it will be a Fighting-type Pokemon that will have the Steadfast ability. The name, look and some of the descriptions were not offered so we are still in a dark about what it really is.

Based on the color, some fans have speculated that it could be the evolved form of Farfetch’d or maybe a successor to Marowak. Which one do you think is more likely?

Author: Staff Reporter

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