Pokemon Sword & Shield New Event Announced

Things are constantly changing in the world of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Not only are we seeing a new Max Raid event but there will be more to look forward to as well.

Alcremie’s Gigantamax appearance rates have been dropped back down to normal but players also have a higher chance of seeing a Milcery now, the pre-evolved form of Alcremie in Max Raids.

The good news is that these Milcery will have Gigantamax factor which means when it does evolve into an Alcremie, it will be capable of Gigantamaxing. The game will also get two new Sweets type, Ribbon and Star along players to evolve Milcery into two other versions of Alcremie.

The special Milcery Max Raid event will run from now until the 16th of February. From now until the 21st of March, players can also claim 10 Heal Balls via Mystery Gift.

Fans can also look forward to seeing a new Mythical Pokemon get added to the game.

Author: Staff Reporter

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