PUBG Xbox One Players Can Take On PS4 Players Now

A lot of games are trying to make cross-play happen for its fans and one of the games that seem to have achieved that will be PUBG as the developer announced that the feature will come with the Update 4.3.

The cross-play feature will allow PUBG players from both Xbox One and PS4 to play together on the same server but you can only be matched with other strangers online so there friends support is still not ready yet.

The update is already live on the test server and to test it out, you will need to down the test server of your console and from there, choose to turn on the cross-play feature. There will be markets on the players to show if they are playing on the Xbox One or PS4.

Besides added cross-play features, the update will also come with a few updates for the game like the new DBS which is a new pump-action bullpup shotgun that players will find in drop-in care packages. You can check out the full patch note on their blog.

Author: Staff Reporter

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