QuakeCon 2020 Next To Get Cancelled

As it has become clear that the coronavirus pandemic is going to go on longer than most people have expected, a lot of organizers are rethinking their events with a few of them already announcing the cancellation of their event.

This week, QuakeCon organizers announced that they will be canceling the event. This was supposed to be a big year for the event as it is the 25th anniversary of the event but ultimately, they have decided to cancel the event for 2020.

The event was originally set to happen on the 6th to 9th of August which might seems far away but the organizer feels that it was no longer possible for them to work with partners and vendors as the social distancing continues until the end of April.

However, Bethesda and id Software added that the event could still happen in some other way although we will have to wait and see how.

Author: Staff Reporter

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