Rainbow Six Siege Test Server Update Detailed

PC players of the Rainbow Six Siege game will be able to test out some of the upcoming changes now as the new update was just added to the test server.

Along with the update is the new patches notes detailing what the update has to offer. Some of the more major updates include changes to BUkc and Ying as their claymores will now replace other throwable explosives. Caveira, on the other hand, will have a new customization item for her M12 SMG.

Jager was also updated to make him less oppressive in-game. Mozzie’s secondary weapon is also gone now and his TCSG12 shotgun damaged was nerf. A few other bugs and issues of the game will also be fixed with this update along with some balancing and performance updates.

No announcement was made on when these changes will be seen on the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game.

Author: Staff Reporter

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