Red Dead Redemption 2 Online New Moonshiners Update Arrives

Red Dead Redemption 2 online model will be getting another update this week allow players to peddle white lightning as a black-market bootlegger and more.

Called Moonshiner, the update will bring a few new features to the game including getting some new Shock property. There will be five different Moonshining shacks that players can get and they can team up with distiller to start their own Moonshining business if you are already a trader.

Running a Moonshining business is not a walk in the park either. Players will have to sourced ingredients and produced goods and they will also have to learn what the market wants and time their shipment based on the demand of the time.

The update will also come with its own unique progression path that will unlock bespoke apparel and accessories, equipment upgrades, new weapons, new horse breed and more.

Check out the trailer for the update below.

Author: Staff Reporter

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