Sea Of Thieves Update Have Something For Pets

A new update will be coming for the Sea Of Thieves called Heart of Fire and while it will come with some update for the game, it will also have something for the pets you have in the game.

Most details are still a mystery at this point but we do know that the update will follow up from the tale of Sir Arthur Pendragon. In the new video, we get to see it with some new firetraps which are a wall of fire that will stop players from going pass some routes.

There is also Blunderbomb which is used to knock people off ladders, side of boats or wheels. You can also fit your pet with a banana outfit now. There are also a few banana-themed weapons that will be available in Pirate Emporium.

Hearts of Fire update will be arriving on the 11th of March on Xbox One and PC.

Author: Staff Reporter

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