Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order New Easter Egg Discovered

Since the new Star Wars game is set five years after the Order 66 event, we can expect to see some reference to the time as one YouTuber uncovered a new Easter Egg in the game.

Garbett found that after Call Kestis awakens his Force power, he slips into a dream where he follows Prauf and the door shuts on them, you can press the Open button but nothing will happen.

Well, according to hi, if you press the Open button enough, you will hear Darj Sidious issue the Order 66 directive but you will need to press it 66 times so get clicking.

The new Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order was released a few weeks ago on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and so far, the reviews and feedback from the fans have been pretty positive although there are still a few bugs that the developer will need to iron out this week.

Author: Staff Reporter

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