The Bradwell Conspiracy: Talk Your Way Forward

Most games will feed the information to you as you go along but with The Bradwell Conspiracy from Bossa Studios, they want you to undercover the story by connecting you to people of interest.

Players will start off by discovering a massive lab underneath Stonehenge after the Stonehedge Museum that they were visiting were attacked. The game that puts you together with Amber where you continue to dig and undercover of the truth.

Players are allowed to roam and explore to try and piece together the story that the developer is trying to tell here. Players can also form different relationship and bond with the other character in the game depending on the kind of action you choose to take. Depending on how the relationship goes, you might uncover some side stories and the character feels more comfortable at sharing additional information with you.

The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch console along with the PC, PS4 and Xbox One and is set to arrive later this year

Author: Staff Reporter

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