The Game Coming From Ex-Respawn, BioWare, Naughty Dog & More

The Initiative is a new game studio under Microsoft that has its talent pool sourced from some of the biggest names in the industry. The team consists of writer, design, and developers from studios like Rockstar, Respawn, BioWare and Naughty Dog with Darrell Gallagher, former Square Enix and Activision boss heading up the studio.

With the impressive lineup, the fans can’t wait to see what the first game from the studio will have to offer and while we won’t be learning about the new game right now, it was revealed that the studio already has a game that is developed enough that they can actually playtest it.

Of course, there will still be a lot of work to do after playtesting so don’t expect to see anything anytime soon but it does give us an idea of where they are at with the new game.

No word on when the new game will be announced as well but we do know that Microsoft will have a big event coming up soon called X019 which will be happening next month.

Author: Staff Reporter

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