The Last Of Us Part 2 Enemy Won’t Be So AI-Like Now

AI can be a little too robotic at times and that has been the joke of many videos of how AI would keep repeating the same thing even though it does not make sense or can be easily invaded once you get out of their path or range.

Well, according to Naughty Dog, they are hoping to improve that on their upcoming new The Last Of Us Part 2 game. They want the enemies to be smarter to the point where they almost feel like a real human and will try to take you down with some reasoning.

They explain that the enemies in the game will now have different levels of awareness from complete awareness of the position of the player to being unaware. If you take down and enemy and another come across the body, the might be able to work out your general direction based on the angle of the arrow or bullet.

Combat will also be a little more challenging with the update now. On top of that, the new game will have dogs so it looks like there will be no easy walk in the park now.

Author: Staff Reporter

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