Valve, Microsoft & HP Coming Together To Work On New VR Headset

While talks about VR have been cooling down for some time now, we might see interest in VR pick back up once more especially now that the Half-Life: Alyx released have been so successful.

Well, it was now reported that Valve, Microsoft and HP could be working together to build a new next-gen VR headset. Based on what we know right, the new VR headset will deliver a more immersive and comfortable experience compared to the previous VR headsets and that it will be the new standard in VR.

We do not know what they meant by that since we have not seen or experience the new VR headset yet. If you are interested in getting one when it does arrive, you can actually sign up now and you will be notified when they have news of the headset.

Hopefully, we will also see more quality VR games come in the near future as well.

Author: Staff Reporter

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