Xbox Boss VR Comment Did Not Sit Well With Fans

We are still waiting for Microsoft to reveal a little more about the upcoming Xbox Scarlet and while they are not ready to announce it yet, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer did make it clear that the console will not have VR support because “nobody’s asking for VR”.

According to Spencer, the VR market is growing very slowly. After the comment was made, the fans went on Twitter to express how dissapointed they were with Spencer’s comment.

Spencer has since responded by saying that the feedback from the fans is “fair” and that he too is a fan of VR games but added that it will not be the focus of the next-gen console.

While some companies have been investing in VR, it does feel like things have not been growing as fast as they were hoping more. The latest Valve game, Half-Life: Alyx is a VR game but we will need more of those to actually get that market going.

Author: Staff Reporter

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