Ethereum Price Crushes Bitcoin With 350% Gains, Dogecoin Barking Up Same Tree

The second largest crytocurrency in the world, Ethereum, has shown an impressive gain of 350% in the last year leaving the number one crypto Bitcoin struggling to keep up.

While the hype of Dogecoin has pulled a lot of new investors into the market thanks to easy entry with the likes of Binance and Twitter speculations, many investors are starting to wise up and looking to diversify their investments now that they have taken the cryptocurrency plunge.

The most popular crypto favourites include XRP, ADA, LTC and ETC this week and for those looking to invest long term are still naturally turning to Ethereum and Bitcoin. That said, the extra money in the market isn’t just holding Doge but diversifying in what appears to be Ethereum more so than Bitcoin.

The Cryptocurrency space is currently on a bull run and there is no telling when the dip may come and how long it may last. This fear and loathing of the volatility of the market has investors rushing in quick. With the 27-year old creator of Ethereum now a billionaire and the cryptocurrency continually expanding to more technological uses and acceptance, it may not be a surprise of its sudden gains.

Author: Staff Reporter

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