Anthem Continues To Offer Support

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While things started out shaky for BioWare’s Anthem, they have been showing their fans that they are willing to put in the work and has been listening to what their fans have to say about the game.

The latest update for the game will address one of the issue that fans have been complaining about. The tethering issue where players will be teleported to their allies when they stray too far.

Players are saying that they were given too little time to catch up to their teammates and when the game teleports them back, they would lose some important dialogue or cutscenes. Well, the update the fix that.

It will also make other changes like the Swarm Tyrant encounter. Players won’t be able to reset the battle exiting and rejoining anymore. Chest that has already been lotted in Strongholds cannot be reopne as well.

There will be another update coming on the 1st of March.