Anthem: Don’t Stay Away From Fort Tarsis For Too Long

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If you are playing Anthem in free play mode, you might want to drop by Fort Tarsis once in a while or you might lose some of the experience you gain in world events.

It was reported that the game will actually cap the amount of experience you are getting in world events so it would be best to return to Ford Tarsis, turn in your loot and level up before you continue on.

As for what the fans can expect to get in the next few months, we know that there will be some additional free play event, new Legendary missions, new cosmetic but nothing too major.

The Sunken will be added into the game in April while Cataclysm will be arriving in May.

Despite the initial hype, the game did not take off as well as BioWare thought it would as players reported that the execution is just not well as it could have been. There were good parts but the bad parts really takes away a lot of the fun factor.