Anthem: Endgame Will Actually Make It?

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The thing about games like Anthem is that players will complete the main story of the game and then realize that there is really nothing more to do in the game. To keep their fans in the game, BioWare choose to add the Endgame mode which is essentially and multiplayer online mode where players can face each other.

As we all know, this kind of things rarely work. We have seen so many games trying to use MMO to keep their players in the game but ultimatly, it will not be good enough to keep them around.

Some people got to try out the Endgame mode in Anthem and reveal that BioWare will be trying to offer something that players will acutlaly wnt to work towards like Legendary Contacts with tougher mission. Completely these will get them gears.

BioWare also added that they are trying to figure out how to keep players coming back for more but are not revealing any additional details right now.