Anthem Has Got One Part Right, Microtansactions!

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Bioware has been promoting Anthem heavily in recent months as they desire to build a strong hype towards the game’s release but the reception has been mixed towards the title.

This cannot be avoided as Anthem looks like a replica of Destiny but with Bioware’s typical multi-choice decision-making elements that will fail at shaping the plot in the game. Such an expectation is rooted to the poor outcome of Bioware’s most recent games – Mass Effect Andromeda and Dragon Age Inquisition.

But on the plus side of things, Anthem will hope to set an example in the field of microtransactions. Bioware has reiterated earlier today that Anthem won’t allow players to pay real money for quick power-ups in the game.

While there may still be paid contents coming to Anthem, the purchasable bits are reserved for cosmetics and in-game currency. There will be no form of pay walls in the title.

Right after making this public reminder, Bioware shared that there will be additional missions coming to Anthem after the game’s release and they will be offered for free. It goes to say that Anthem will at least appeal to the masses on the financial end of thigns.