Anthem Has Taken The Attention Away From Mass Effect, Dragon Age

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Anthem is the next major video game to come from Bioware and it promises to offer an exciting adventure for sci-fi lovers. After Anthem made its official unveiling at E3 2018, many expected that the game will debut in Q4 this year but that won’t happen at all.

Reports from earlier today has confirmed that Anthem will be launched in February next year and fans of the upcoming title are annoyed by it. We are actually surprise by such a negative reaction because the delayed release is easy to accept.

In case you are unaware, Bioware is working towards a polished release of Anthem as they wouldn’t want to launch a half-baked game like Mass Effect Andromeda and Dragon Age Inquisition.

Speaking of which, both Mass Effect and Dragon Age are also expecting a sequel to arrive soon. This basically means that Bioware has got their hands full which makes the delay highly acceptable.