Anthem Heard What Fans Were Begging For

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BioWare did their Anthem VIP demo not too long ago and will be working on changing the game based on the testers’ feedbacks. One of the issue that a lot of people pointed out was the fact that you could not run in Fort Tarsis which makes gameplay rather frustrating.

According to Mark Darrah, the executive producer for Anthem, the reason why they choose to do that in Fort Tarsis was so that players will feel like they are underpowered. Since players do get to jet pack around in the world, they want to make it feel like you are just walking around in the Fort.

He later confirms that when the main game does arrive, players will get to sprint in Fort Tarsis but players will still have to deal with that when the public demo starts early next month.

Anthem will offically arrive on the 22nd of February for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. EA and Origin Access subcribers will get to play the game one week earlier than the rest.