Anthem: More Details Drop Including Customizations

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BioWare is hyping their fans up for the next game with a new trailer for the game. The new game Anthem will be a third person shooter/ actionRPG game and here is what the trailer has revealed so far.

In the game, we will be starting off as a Ranger but you will get to build all four Javelins when you finish the game’s story. There will be four Javelins starting from Ranger, Interceptor, Colossus and Storm.

Ranger will be all about precision play that will allow you to target a specific enemy. Interceptor is fast with a strong melle attack. Colossus is more of a tank while Storm will have elemental attacks that makes it more powerful but also more squishy as it lacks armor.

The Javelins can be customized to fulfill mutiple roles. According to BioWare, they will be talking more about the expanding the shared world next. Antehm will be released on the 22nd of February for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There will be a demo on the 25th this month but only for those that pre-ordered the game.