Anthem Will Not Let You Play Alone

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Bioware made it clear from the start that the new game Anthem will focus on the multiplayer and to make sure their players don’t have to go hunting for another person to play with, they reveal that they will be offering matchmaking support for all activity in the game.

According to Ben Irving, every activity int he game will have matchmaking. The match making mode will be turn on by default but players can choose to opt out of it if they want to.

Based on previous annoucement, we also know that the game will have an underwater exploration, solo play will be possible in some modes, beta progress will not be carried forward and since it is a multiplayer focus game, players will probabbly need a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold account.

VIP demo for Anthem will be starting on the 25th of Janaury and will last until the 27th og Jnaury. TO be part of that, you will need to pre-order hte gmae or be subcribe to EA Access or Origin Access.