Anthem’s Dialogue System Is A PR Disaster!

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Anyone that has a played a AAA title from Bioware should be familiar with the multi-choice system which will shape the outcome of the game. It’s a unique offering from Bioware, even if the experience has been dwindling in recent years.

We brought the choice system up because it will be a feature on Bioware’s next major IP, Anthem. The sci-fi-themed title will have a similar setup but not as extensive as those on Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

It was revealed by Bioware today that Anthem’s dialogue system will be limited two choices and this is to help gamers adapt to their choice-filled gameplay style. The game developer quoted “We are showing this to an audience that is not used to this kind of decisions and conversations”.

We don’t know about you but it sure sounds like Bioware is calling the players stupid or something. If so, they should know that their complex choices in games took us only a couple of hours to figure things out.

Bioware could’ve said that the two-dialogue option is a setup they want to go with Anthem and the crowd would’ve been fine with it. The company really needs to rework on their PR’s approach.