ATLAS Won’t Do Better Than Sea Of Thieves, Here’s Why

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Pirate-themed video games are hard to come by and when they do get produced, the quality is often questionable. Take Sea of Thieves as an example. The Microsoft-exclusive online pirate video game puts you in the shoes of a virtual pirate but the lack of content has left a lot of unhappy faces.

Soon, a new pirate video game will be making its debut an it is called ATLAS. Much like Sea of Thieves, ATLAS will offer a massive open world experience where you can make friends or fight with every other player to become the most fearsome pirate around.

It’s an interesting concept but we don’t expect ATLAS to be good at all. This is due to the game being developed by the same group of people that created ARK. The latter is a survival video game that has been rated lowly due to poor FPS stability. Those that have gotten the game were loud in making their complaints but the developers never bothered to offer the slightest of fix.

At this rate, we can expect the same mediocre treatment for ATLAS. The signs are already showing through the game’s trailer which hints on poor animation. If this is to be the outcome, we would gladly settle for Sea of Thieves and not even look into ATLAS.