Avengers Game Will Not Budge On Character Design

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After all the speculation, we finally got to see the first trailer for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game by Square Enix.

While the story sounds interesting enough, fans were clearly not too happy with the design of some of the iconic characters in the game. Instead of making the characters look like the ones from the MCU films, Square Enix decided to give them all a new design. This includes Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner.

Despite acknowledging that they are aware that the Marvel fans are not too happy with the changes, they made it clear that they will not be changing the design of the characters.

They did add that the version we are seeing now is far from the actual release version and that they will continue to improve on the game as they get close to the launch. They also explain that they wanted the characters to look different because they want to separate their game from the movies.