Battlefield 2018: Zombie vs Korea vs Medieval Wars

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It is official. Come Q4 this year, EA Dice will launch a brand-new Battlefield video game and fans have expected this after discovering a number of Easter Eggs in Battlefield 1.

One of the biggest clue is a painting of a white horse and it bred a lot of speculations on the theme for Battlefield 2018. One section of the fans believed that the horse is a representation of the Ford Mustang which was commonly used in the Korean War. Keeping in mind of the ongoing Korean peace negotiation, EA Dice may have decided to tap on the topic through having a Korean them for Battlefield.

On the other hand, some fans pointed out that the horse painting has got a dark vibe to it – as if it is an undead being. For these folks, they are banking in on a zombie-themed Battlefield 2018 and this will go well with the game’s caption “never be the same”.

The last possibility is for Battlefield 2018 to relive the Scottish Independence from the year 1296. The clue on this came from the true resolution of the horse painting which is at an unusual number of ‘1920 x 1296’. Again, this will work well with the “never be the same” caption.

So, which will it be? The answer is likely to surface at E3 next month but waiting for that will only take away the fun of cracking the Easter Egg.