Battlefield 5 DLC Now Has A New Date

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DICE has been teasing the first DLC for Battlefield 5 for some time now so you can imagine how disappointed the fans were when they announce that the DLC will have to be pushed back. Well, luckily for us all, this was just a short delay as DICE announces the new release date for Chapter 1: Overture.

Instead of the 4th of December, Chapter 1: Overture, the first free DLC for Battlefield 5 will be released on the 5th of December. DICE added that they were working around the clock to fix the issue that caused the delay but did not give us the reason behind the delay.

Unlike the previous Battlefield games, DICE will be offering all the DLCs for free. Instead of selling their DLCs, they will focus on selling cosmetic items. The microtransaction feature is not in the game now but it will probably be added to the game soon.

The first DLC will come with a new map, tutorial mode, a new single-player chapter, and a few other fixes.