Battlefield 5: The Wait Just Got Longer For The Upcoming DLC

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Battlefield 5 developer, DICE was supposed to release a new free DLC this week but it looks like fans will have to wait a little longer for it as it was revealed that they have come across a new issue that needs fixing before t.he free DLC can be released.

According to the Twitter announcement, the first Tides of War content, Chapter 1: Overture had an issue and they do not want to bring the issue into the game. The solution now would be to hold back the update until they can fix it.

The developer did say that they do not expect the delay to be long but did not give us an estimated date on when they think the update will arrive. The new update was supposed to come with a new Panzerstrom map and is set in 1940 Belgium. The map is a tank focus map where 17 tanks can duke it out.

The update will also come with the fifth War Story single-player chapter called The Last Tiger.