Battlefield Ex-Boss Revealed New Studio With Upcoming Game

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Patrik Soderlund, former EA executive vice president has revealed his new indie studio called Embark and has also revealed some details about the first game that is coming from the studio.

According to Soderlund, the game will actually be a free-to-play cooperative action game that is set in the future. He also seems to emphasize that players will have to work together in the game. The game will be developed using the Unreal Engine from Epic.

He also emphasize that there will be a lot that they will be changing about this first game as they continue to work on it which means even if we do see something from them, it might or might not make it to the end.

No additional details were given so we do not know when its new game will be ready so all we can do now is wait.

Soderlund has been part of some of bigger EA games including Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront franchises, Battlefront II and Battlefront V.