Battlefield V Confirms It Won’t Repeat Titanfall 2’s Grave Mistake!

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Battlefield V (Battlefield 5) is the next major video game to come from EA Dice and it was scheduled to arrive in October this year. Well, that has changed today as EA Dice has announced on a new release date for the FPS title.

As how it was stated in the game’s official website, Battlefield V is now working towards making its debut in November 20, 2018. This is about a month later than the initial release date and it got some fans wondering why the developers have decided to delay its release.

Well, the obvious says that EA Dice don’t want to risk first week sales by launching Battlefield V in the same period with Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty Black Ops 4. These two games are already getting more anticipation from the crowd hence having Battlefield V launched in the same period can lead to sour sales prospects.

It is a launch date mistake that was experienced by Titanfall 2 before and EA wouldn’t want to replicate the same scenario.