Battlefront 2 Failures Won’t Halt EA From New Star Wars Venture!

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Star Wars is a highly popular sci-fi-themed franchise that is currently owned by Disney but not everything about Star Wars is being managed by the company.

Disney once said that they have little understanding of the gaming industry and it is why they have decided to pass Star Wars gaming developments to an established game publisher. Unfortunately for the Star Wars fans, EA won the bid for the gaming side of the brand and it resulted in a poorly made Battlefront 2.

While things may have improved from the money-milking setup which Battlefront 2 has during its launch day, the heavy criticism aimed at EA is not stopping the publisher from planning more gaming titles for the Star Wars realm.

A new EA job opening was spotted earlier today and it saw the company head-hunting for an open-world video game and the candidates must have vast knowledge of the Star Wars universe.

For the Star Wars fans, the last superbly made open world Star Wars game was the KOTOR series from Lucas Arts and they fear that EA won’t be able to create something that is as good as that.

The money is certainly on EA to fail due to the game publisher’s notorious habit of ruining gameplay experience through loot boxes and microtransactions. There is just more hope for EA to get dropped from making Star Wars game than for the open world game to get developed.