Bayonetta New Sheep Clue Confuses Fans

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We do not know why Sega choose to do it on their Bayonetta steam page but they did. The developer posted a new confusing teaser image on the steam page which left fans feeling even more confuse as to what Sega is trying to say.

The image posted was of a sheep which has lead fans to speculate that Sega might be working on something new for Catherine. There were also speculations that this hint is for a Bayonetta-themed crossover.

The title of the image was just “Baa”. We know that sheeps has always played a big important role in Catherine so we could see why people might think this is for Catherine and we do know that they are already working on a Full Body remake for the game for PS4 and Vita.

There is nothing much we can do now other than wait for Sega to drop another teaser or maybe tell us something. What do you think they meant with the sheep image?