Bioware To Tease On Dragon Age 4 Via Anthem!

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Bioware has confirmed that they have commenced the development of Dragon Age 4 but the game won’t be making its debut so soon. This is due to the developer being kept busy with their next major IP called Anthem.

The sci-fi-themed RPG is expected to arrive later this year and Bioware is now calling for every Dragon Age fan to purchase the game. The company was reported saying that Dragon Age 4’s gameplay and in-game features will be heavily influenced by Anthem.

As such, playing Anthem will paint a rough picture on how Dragon Age 4 will be built. It is much like previous Dragon Age games that have served as clues for the Bioware’s other franchise, Mass Effect. In this case, any features in Anthem will get ported over to Dragon Age 4.

If Anthem does come out good, it will only make the wait for Dragon Age 4 all the more exciting. But if the outcome is sour, we can expect a widespread of worry among Dragon Age fans.