Black Ops 4: 40% Maps Are Remakes!

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Black Ops 4 is one the most anticipated games right now and it promises to be the biggest Call of Duty video game when released. This expectation is owed to a number of new and improved things coming to Black Ops 4 and some that are worth mentioning are the Zombie mode and the Battle Royale mode.

But like all Call of Duty video games, the primary focus will be with the traditional multiplayer deathmatch. This is a scene that will introduce new and exciting multiplayer maps but not everything will be fresh in Black Ops 4.

The upcoming game will debut with a total of 11 maps and a whopping 4 of them are maps that are taken from previous Call of Duty games. The details on the maps are unclear at the moment but we can expect to get a better idea when Black Ops 4 make its debut in the coming week.

Also, you should note that the 11 maps coming to Black Ops 4 will get expanded further through future DLCs. Are you excited?